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George F. BrockmanThank you for stopping by. I am your host - George Brockman. This is a site highlighting a sampling of my interests. It is part business/technology and part family and things that interest me. I am an open book with the exception of private family information. As a rule I tried to be open and above board and conduct business and personal life accordingly.

You are welcome to peruse the public areas of the site. Of particular interest may be my reading lists. I have found it a great source of pleasure to read and learn new things. Equally, I have found great pleasure in sharing that reading and learning with others - and the exchange of thoughts. In this spirit I have divided my reading lists into two: the professional/business list and the personal reading list- I try to rotate in fresh material from time to time. I never find enough time to read, but when I get a chance I try to break out the Kindle, paperback or even audiobook to learn something new.

"Do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself." - Andrew Carnegie

Please return soon and often. You are welcome to look around. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you.

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