Personal Reading Recommendations

I spend more a than fair amount of time reading. With a wide range of interests I tried to break out my reading lists between business development and personal interests. This is the latter.


Fiction is a broad category and my favorites are as eclectic just as one would expect. From old plays to modern science fiction and thrillers, there are a lot of great works that I have enjoyed.

  • Cyrano de Bergerac can be found on the Project Gutenberg but you can find better translations in the commercial publications. My favorite play for some of the steep irony and poetic play involved. The irony of an "ugly man" in love with a beautiful woman - wanting to be loved for his wit, but driven by her beauty. But it gives a stage for asking for the nature of beauty and the value of valor and character. Famous for the balcony scene which is repeated in every thing from the Steve Martin movie "Roxanne" to a "The Brady Bunch" episode, I found more powerful the opening play scene and the "20 Something betters" and the closing garden scene.
  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton resides on the opposite end of the spectrum of fiction I have enjoyed.  I recommend this book not because of the fair movie adaption, but for the meticulous detail the author gives to his fiction. Debate sparked as to how plausible the fiction could be.  This is not necessary to make a great fiction read, but for me it gives the story credibility.  Rather than slapping together a cute story with some contrived dinosaur connection, Crichton constructs a reality carefully around near science.  He is masterful in building enough details to not strain credibility.  In some ways, there is enough real information spark further interest in the science.


  • Biblical Archaeology Review is a great magazine for the bible scholar, the history buff, or just the curious. Some may take offense as either too liberal on Bible history or too conservative. I will leave this to the readers to decide, but I found it a very scholarly work and the individual articles stand or fall on their own merits and the editors do a fair job of balancing where it would be easy to offend.
    Personally, I find it helpful to give context to the Bible to know the conditions of people of that time. When Jesus healed the blind man in the pool - the discovery of what may have been the actual pool is interesting. But the insight provided in the explanations why the pool may (or may not) be the right one. Authors and subsequent letters discuss the cultural aspects of the pool culture (who was there and why).